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Plant Engineering – Stair Towers, Halls, Platforms

Satisfied customers are our best recommendation! Here you will find a selection of our projects, which reflect the comprehensive range of services of MF Engineering.

New development of a platform for air condensers (measurements 62m x 26m x 10m) in the Netherlands

Auftraggeber: ICW GmbH/GEA Anlagentechnik
Leistung: Structural calculation of the steel platform with earthquake loading acc. to EC3

Optimisation of the support structure for wood dryer. Variable basic structure (width 5m to 18m)

Auftraggeber: Eisenmann SE
Leistung: Compilation of a variable 3D basic structure for quick preliminary structural calculations for bid proposal management. Design acc. to DIN18800

New development of a platform structure with three levels for the installation of the conveyance of an Aluminium plant in

Auftraggeber: NKM Noell Special Cranes
Leistung: Structural and seismic calculation and connection design acc. to EC3 as well as workshop drawings

Survey of an existent steel hall with intermediate levels (measurements approx. 14m x 20m x 17m)

Auftraggeber: Ingenieurbüro Ruf
Leistung: Structural calculation and check of the existent steel structure acc. to DIN 18800

New development of 3800 m² of operating platforms and installation girders for a painting plant in Thailand

Auftraggeber: Dürr Systems GmbH
Leistung: Structural calculation and basic design drawings of the stilted and hanging steel structure acc. to EC3

New development of a stair tower with elevator in Saudi Arabia (measurements approx. 10m x 8m x 33m)

Auftraggeber: Babcock Noell GmbH
Leistung: Structural calculation and connection design acc. to AISC 360-05 LRFD incl. design and workshop drawings