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Fields of Activity

We offer services in structural engineering in the areas of nuclear technology, plant engineering, tank construction, structural steelwork, mechanical components as well as assessments and expert opinions to an exquisite group of customers.

Our fields of activity range from analytical proof of structures and finite element analyses (FEA) to dynamic and seismic calculations according to international standards (UBC, IBC, Eurocode, ASCE, KTA, …). Additionally, 3D layout design and workshop drawings are part of our port folio.

In the following you can get a general idea of our wide range of application.

Nuclear Technology


When dismantling nuclear power plants and reprocessing plants, we contribute structural and dynamic analyses for the safe removal of contaminated parts of the concrete structure as well as of the large components installed in the reactor building.

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New Development / Alterations

We supported the construction of the latest generation of European nuclear power plants (EPR) with our structural calculations and were also involved in the design of new developments and structural alterations of other nuclear power plants and reprocessing plants.

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Assessments & Expert Opinions

Expert Opinions

Our activity in Assessment & Expert Opinions consists of checking structural integrity and serviceability of existing structures as well as the design and construction supervision of to-be retrofitted or newly built underground structures of Deutsche Telekom AG.

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Corrective Maintenance

Existing structures have been analysed on the basis of new boundary conditions to provide suggestions for refurbishment and retrofitting of those structures, so that the existing buildings fulfill the requirements of the up-to-date conditions and standards.

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Plant Engineering

Tank Construction

Particularly in the field of pharmaceuticals and beer production, we actively support the international industry with analytical and FEA calculations of pressure vessels and heat exchangers and their substructures. Tank structures and silos are also part of the routine.

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Environmental Engineering

The structural investigation of the steel structures of various types of industrial large-scale cleaning systems is part of our area of activity.

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Structural Steelwork

The structural calculation of classic steel construction consisting of stair towers, steel halls, platforms, etc. is also part of our activity. There are also towers for electrical switchgear, pipe bridges and general substructures for heavy systems. A specialty is the conversion of calculation models into the software STAAD.Pro, which is often requested by international customers.

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Mechanical Components

Small steel construction components and substructures sometimes have their pitfalls, which we are very familiar with. Both constantly moving and static components are being investigated. In particular, the seismic consideration of conductor rails stands out here.

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Pipeline Construction

The structural analysis of pipelines, also in conjunction with the supporting steel structure, is contributed by us for international projects.

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References and Projects

Satisfied customers are our best recommendation! Here you will find a selection of our projects, which reflect the comprehensive range of services of MF Engineering.