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Corrective Maintenance

Satisfied customers are our best recommendation! Here you will find a selection of our projects, which reflect the comprehensive range of services of MF Engineering.

Corrective maintenance of a spent grain storage silo in Ethiopia

Auftraggeber: GEA Brewery Systems GmbH
Leistung: Structural calculation of the support structure of the silo under wind and earthquake loading acc. to UBC 1997 and Eurocode 3 as well as related workshop drawings
Instandsetzung – Sporthallenüberdachung

Corrective maintenance of roof of a gymnasium (approx. 30 x 44.5 m span)

Auftraggeber: Ingenieurbüro Ruf
Leistung: Structural calculation of the existing Mero spatial framework under several new load situations as well as structural evaluation of possible concepts for corrective maintenance

Reinforcement of an existing concrete shell roof structure of a factory building in Unterfranken, Germany

Auftraggeber: Ingenieurbüro Ruf/Bosch Rexroth AG
Leistung: Structural analysis of the existing and retrofitted structure incl. subsequent tendons acc. to DIN 1045