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Nuclear Technology – Equipment for Safe Transport of Activated Components

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New development of a gantry with enclosure for a 120 t crane for relocating Castor vessels during the disassembly of

Auftraggeber: NKM Noell Special Cranes GmbH
Leistung: Structural calculation and design of the steel structure acc. to DIN EN 1991, KTA 3902, DIN 15018-1 and DASt 010 as well as proof of stability against overturning acc. to DIN 15019-1

New development of different steel structures and evaluation of the existing building for the disassembly of the power plant

Auftraggeber: Babcock Noell GmbH
Leistung: Structural design of an as an air lock (height 5m, length 17m) operating steel hall structure, a support frame for the lock cart (allow. gross weight approx. 60 t) as well as (partly) a bridge structure for the lock cart in the existing building (length 16m, max. span 4.9m) acc. to DIN 18800. Participation with the evaluation of the load transfer from the lock cart into the existing building.
Nukleartechnik – Rückbau von kontaminierten Stoffen

Development of a packaging station for contaminated material in Konrad containers

Auftraggeber: EWN Entsorgungswerk für Nuklearanlagen GmbH
Leistung: Structural calculation of a packaging station under consideration of differing operation and transport situations acc. to KTA 3902, KTA 3905, VDI 2230, DIN 15018 and DIN EN 1993

Removal and packaging of contaminated material from the reactor pool

Auftraggeber: E.ON Anlagenservice
Leistung: Structural calculation of a shielding jacket and associated packaging station under consideration of different lifting conditions acc. to KTA 3902, VDI 2230, DIN 15018 and DIN 18800