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Nuclear Technology

Our field of activity in nuclear technology consists of structural and dynamic analyses and design in the areas of dismantling and decommissioning as well as new developments and structural alterations of nuclear power plants and reprocessing plants.

Requirements in the field of nuclear technology:

Technical boundary conditions:

  • Applicable standards/codes: KTA, DIN, Euro Code (EC3, EC8, …), ASME, AD2000, VDI, etc.
  • Restraints and fatigue due to temperature changes
  • Seismic loading, response spectra
  • Applications for austenitic and ferritic steel
  • Linear and nonlinear material behavior
  • Stability, buckling, shell buckling

Examples of dismantling:

  • Stability analysis of a containment vessel (spherical shell) under external pressure
  • Numerous auxiliary structures for the decommissioning of active components and concrete segments
  • Support structures for cranes and strand jacks

Examples of new development:

  • Pool liners consisting of girder grids and steel sheets designed for waterproofness in reactor buildings and associated structures
  • For radiation protection designed sealing gates, doors and covers for reactor pools as well as locks and plugs for reprocessing plants
  • All kinds of auxiliary structures for the installation of large-size components in the reactor building

References in the field of nuclear technology:

Nuclear Technology – Dismantling

Nuclear Technology – New Development / Alterations

References and Projects

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